My name is Lynnea which is pronounced as Lynn-Nay-Ah. But you can call me Lynn. I will start by saying I am petite. I’m only 5 foot tall, weigh about 95 lbs, and have small boobs. My “look” can go from Plain Jane to a bit more glam depending on my mood. I am not married, and I have no children. I enjoy dating casually.

I grew up in a positive and healthy environment. My parents were former hippies so I was taught to question authority, to cautiously rebel, to speak my mind, and to believe in myself.  I was an above-average student, and still have the same girlfriends I grew up with. I am still very close to my family and spend a lot of time with them.

I never intended to become a phone sex operator, I just needed some extra money and did it as a side hustle. I discovered that I like what I do and that I am pretty good at it. I feel I use my psychology education as a phone babe. None of this even begins to explain my adoration for flirting, sex, men, and conversations. And I could go on and on to explain my interest in people, learning new perspectives, understanding the male species, and oh yeah, I like mutual masturbation too.

I’ve grown as a person and as a professional in what I choose to do for a living. I never wanted a boring life and I certainly don’t have one! I love being a phone sex operator. Why? I meet new people every day. Every single day is different and no 2 calls are ever the same. I get to be creative mentally and use my sarcastic wit, my untamed sense of humor, and my dirty mind for pleasure. I’ve never been a “basic” woman who enjoyed flowers and romance. I’ve always been a bit alternative lifestyle-oriented.

I’m well-read, educated, and a nerd. I geek out over movies and music where I have extremely eclectic tastes. My friends appreciate me for my bluntness, my kindness, and my twisted humor. I laugh a lot, I sing in the shower very off-key, and I dance in the kitchen when I cook a meal. My personality has always been sensual and my mind has always been open. My friends would tell you that I have great character and ethics that I live by. This is true and very important to me.

I’m a great listener and communicator, and I’m always seeking “change” and “growth”.  Yet at the same time, I am meticulous, proactive, and a problem solver by nature. As I write this I am beginning to wonder if I sound boring or arrogant because I am a questioner. There is always something new to learn in my world, and while I can certainly be stubborn… I always seek to find balance.

When it comes to phone sex I am the perfect girlfriend experience because I am myself. Talking to me you will get my quirks and all of the above. I’m naturally seductive and a pleasure seeker. For me, seduction is methodical, slow, and detailed. I never rush. I never “act” and I treat every caller as an individual.

My voice is not “put on” and I’ve been told it is soothing, relaxing, and sultry. My girlfriends all say I have a signature giggle, not sure what it means but thought I’d share that. I am a slow and steady speaker, I choose my words methodically. I’m not a screamer, I don’t yell, I don’t bark orders, and I’m not one of those types of phone sex operators that moan every other word. For me, I view that as lazy. I talk. A lot. I’m not shy. I ask questions. You have my full attention on a call.


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