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I go Ghost Hunting. Yes, you read that right.

I have not had Covid. I am cautious and one reason is that I have always felt that we do not know yet what the long-term effect of it will be. What if 5 years from now we find that it causes lung cancer to escalate, cause heart issues, etc? I’m just a proactive thinker and worrier. So I really haven’t yet returned to going to large gatherings like Concerts and conventions which is something I always did.

How do I socialize you may wonder. I attend Ghost Hunting events. No joke!

Ok, first let me explain. I am an incredible horror movie fan. So, anything horror-related I’m going to watch and I love all of the ghost-hunting shows out there. I am a 100% skeptic, let me make that very clear. I have a Master’s in psychology so I am a very science-oriented person. The ghost-hunting shows feel like mini-movies to me and they feed my horror fetish.

I’m well aware that all reality-based shows are scripted and some way. Most of these ghost-hunting shows are very fiction based in my opinion. I have never had a ghost experience in my life, but something about it makes me love the idea. Certainly, I would love to have a real experience to change my skeptical opinion. I just doubt it can or will ever happen.

But during covid, I have gathered friends and some equipment so that we can go to paid ghost-hunting events. You would be shocked at what a large industry this apparently is. It’s a costly one too, but then everything is.  I try to find places to go monthly.

I have such a blast at these events. You get to rent out an entire building or home for 8 hours or longer. My group of friends, which also includes one of my brothers, and I take a ton of snacks and we end up sitting around bull shiting and laughing most of the night. It’s kind of like a party but there’s no alcohol involved. I mean, we literally set up a camp inside of some grungy location with a table covered in food and sit on lawn chairs. It almost feels like going camping overnight.

Depending on the size of the building we are in, we may take turns and sit in darkened spooky hallways with flashlights and audio recorders trying to catch the elusive spooky EVP. We set up various cameras and listen to unusual noises. We spend more time trying to scare one another than anything else

There’s a lot of laughter involved in these ghost hunts but we have not caught any “evidence” at this point. They are fun when you are in the moment because your eyes do play tricks on you with a flashlight as your only lighting. So, you can’t get a little creeped out which only heightens your awareness and keeps you awake for a long night.

I’ve now gone on several ghost-hunting events and there are plans to do many more. I’m considering going out of state and traveling to several very famous locations as well. If you are looking for something fun to do for Halloween… or really any time of year, you might want to try it. If you do use my contact form and tell me about your experience!

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