A few years ago I bought my first house. It was exciting. And since that time I have been doing remodeling piece by piece on it, room by room. I have plans to finish up some remodeling over the summer this year. That’s very exciting, although I am sure you are always upgrading. I’ve been doing it slowly over time, focusing on one room at a time. Some things I learned to do myself and some things I hired people for.

I have some vacations and trips planned for the summer too. The beach, the lake, a wedding in Paris, and some other small day trips. I love to travel and now I feel I can get back to it some. Places like the beach and lake are less crowded situations. I have always disliked crowds anyway so I choose more desolate spots. Emerald Isle is a gorgeous beach, very quiet, and completely restful. While the Paris trip will be soon, in early summer, and involve more activities.

I end up with lots of family things in the summer too. You know the drill, graduation parties, family events, cookouts, birthdays, picnics, and all of that normal shit.

This year it feels a bit different, more exciting maybe to be doing so much. I was very cautious with Covid last summer and getting out a little more this year is good.

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