I placed an ad to hire operators this month.  It always brings out the assholes, let me tell you. I got an email from a PSO that I know has been in the business a long time who basically wanted to pick a fight with me. Yep. She made accusations against me because she didn’t like my website. Being in the industry for a while, I have been targeted this way before and it’s always for no real reason except for some crazy shit a chick invented in her own mind about me. This may sound like an exaggeration, but I assure you it isn’t.

It’s a really weird thing being a phone sex operator. You essentially work alone, and your contacts are really only male clients more than knowing other women in the industry. It can feel lonely at times if you don’t have a support system with other women who do the same kind of work. And it’s a very cutthroat industry even if you do. You don’t really know what someone else is doing financially compared to you unless you communicate with others. I am lucky to have 2 awesome women as friends in this industry. They are long-time owners and very professional. They are also honest women and I have known them for several years.

I keep to myself otherwise because I have friendships outside of my work. I don’t try to make friends with other women in the same business because it’s just so damn competitive. I don’t spend time reviewing competitors’ websites either. Maybe I am a freak, but I just don’t care. I am more of a researcher. I feel like it’s a waste of time comparing myself to anyone else, or trying to steal ideas. It’s sometimes like high school.

It’s also kind of sad because it’s obvious to me that the email I received was due to bitterness and jealousy despite not even knowing this woman. I’m saying that because she challenged me by telling me she makes way more money than me. A duel. A pissing contest. I was going to ask her if she wanted to compare tax paperwork but decided to ignore her message and write this instead.

Again, to me, this is so childish. All I care about is what I make. That my business is thriving. I make goals for myself each day, week, and month. I spend time making reports to compare this year to last year. I keep notes on what was taking place at that time in the world, or even in my own life. This influences how I advertise and shows me how I am doing. And the bottom line for me is that I have made and continue to make enough money to purchase my own home, remodel it, have a new-ish car, travel and take vacations, have a closet full of clothes, and more makeup than I would need for the rest of my life. I don’t feel like I am deprived of anything I want. I got new furniture last year. I redid my kitchen 2 years ago and that was pretty costly. I pay someone to mow my grass. I go out or spend time with friends and I don’t work on weekends. I feel like I am doing just fine. As long as the amount of money I make covers my lifestyle… that is all I care about. I don’t care if it is more or less than what someone else makes.

When a woman in the same industry approaches me first to brag to me about how I know nothing and how they make more money than me… I know they are at least one of the following: insecure, damaged, mentally unhealthy, desperate, jealous, bored, lonely, overthinking their life, have anger issues, or just extremely ugly on the inside. It really is that simple. Perhaps they are a combination of all of those things. I don’t know. But something big is going on inside of them that forces them to confront a complete stranger with a challenge. It is honestly sad.

The reason I consider myself successful is that I am not greedy and I work hard. My definition of success could be completely different than someone else’s. It’s all subjective to your own lifestyle. I truly do not care if someone else is making 3 times what I am. I am happy with my own life and business. I have a great life/work balance and I am just fine.

I will never understand this type of woman in the phone sex industry. My education leads me to be this is some sort of mental health issue. I hope this woman gets help if that is the case.

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Lynnea Lane

Lynnea is a blogger, a phone sex operator, a podcaster, and a flirty little teaser!

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