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I’m an avid horror movie fan and have been so since I was a child. I’m a major cinephile in general. I just love movies and all of the useless trivia that comes along with watching them.

There would be no stopping me from getting to see Halloween Ends. I had seen Halloween 2018 which I felt was an okay installment. The fact that I  specialized in trauma in my studies made that movie a little more realistic to me considering the subject matter. Overall it was ok.

Last year for Halloween Kills, I had a party with a group of friends to watch it. There was pizza, popcorn, and alcohol. It was a great night. Now, the “good time” had less to do with the movie, and more to do with the party itself. My favorite part of the movie really was the fact that they had adapted old deleted scenes from the original film, and then added them into the movie. We got some Dr. Loomis, and that was fucking amazing. To me, these films are not just Laurie Strode versus Michael, but also the over-the-top dialogue of Dr. Loomis and his belief that Michael is not human. Awesome! From there it slowly went downhill.

I had multiple issues with the film being it focused way too much on gore and violence. The Halloween films have always been more about suspense and stalking rather than extreme gore. And while I enjoyed seeing Anthony Michael Hall in the film initially, I truthfully didn’t feel he was a great addition to this cast, he seemed to be out of his element, and it stood out in his performance. But at the end of the day, it’s a stupid horror film so you take it and accept it for what it is, and you try not to analyze it. You should never use logic with a horror flick.

I must admit I had accidentally read a spoiler in an early review for Halloween Ends that pretty much gave it all away. So I already had an idea of what was going to bother me about the film, and it proved to be true. I will not give out the spoiler because that sucks. But let me tell you it is, in my opinion, the worst entry into the Halloween series. I really am not sure what I was supposed to get from it. I was thoroughly disappointed.

Of all of the slasher-styled horror films that I’ve seen… the Halloween series was always my favorite. Michael Myers was not just scary and intimidating but essentially the perfect killer with no obvious motive or emotion. When I was a child, my brothers introduced me to horror films from the 60s, 70s, and ’80s… Halloween was always the one stand out. Michael as a killer simply scared me. Maybe it was his creepy Captain Kirk mask, maybe it was some of his animal-like behaviors of tilting his head to understand humans, or maybe it was even his creepy breathing through that mask. But it was Michael Myers who was in my childhood nightmares.

I don’t believe for one moment that Halloween Ends is the actual end of the series. However, it’s obvious that a geriatric Michael Myers cannot continue on his mega-killing sprees. He’s just too damn old to have that kind of energy. The film was an utter disappointment and even had moments of causing me literal anger. I don’t think the story was pushed in any real direction, it seems to make little sense. And to say that about a horror film is pretty bad lol.

I truly do hope that it’s done but I’m sure in the next two years will have a new reboot. That seems to be Hollywood’s only direction these days.

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