johnny depp vs amber heard trial

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Trial

No one loves Courtroom Drama more than I do!

It’s a confession, I love true crime books that contain trials. I love learning about the legal system but never had an interest in pursuing it at any level. I also didn’t want to sit on a jury when I had jury duty and luckily I was not chosen. Gosh, I was only 19 then and I was relieved.

I was one of the many obsessed with the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Trial and diligently kept up on it. I didn’t have time to sit daily and watch it live, so I was often catching up on it late at night. All I can say is wow.

I remember those allegations coming to light in 2016 and being a Johnny Depp fan I was so disappointed to think he was abusive. I believed her. I backed away from paying any attention to Depp’s work after that. It, of course, did not sit well with me. Then I started hearing things vaguely through Twitter but I still didn’t pay much attention.

Cut to the Defamation Trial being aired on TV. Boom! I am there. I watch many trials and enjoy them so why the hell not? What an event it became, even my brother got into it and watched with me. We’d be updating one another, and discussing it daily.  And that’s when the tides turned and I started to feel Amber Heard was not a good witness, was not logical, and not the victim.

Make no mistake, I DO support victims. I did support the #metoo movement when it first began. But I started to see how just “allegations” were destroying the careers of all men instantly… I slowly backed away. where were the charges? The fact is feminism has come a long way. Once originally about equality… it has become rabid and about “Believe All Women”. The trouble with that for me is that it’s too polarizing.

There are real statists on men who are abused because it really does fucking happen. Now at the end of the trial, this should be giving us all something to talk about. There are women who make false allegations and that alone seems to have the power to destroy a man’s life. Power can become corrupt when someone uses it to obtain the title of “Advocate” or weaponizes lies to manipulate.

Even though I have been a film fan of Johnny Depp for most of my life, I am not a celebrity-oriented person. So, if I had believed Amber Heard I would have said so. I was a pretty impartial viewer. But that chick contradicted herself every few minutes when she was on the stand. She could never “remember” important details. Not to mention she failed to press charges, see a medical doctor, call the police, etc.

She also had her own career, kept an apartment, and had friends and family as a solid support system. He traveled for work as she did. Why the hell did she stay? I can understand a woman staying who lacks resources, but this woman did not. Strange!

So there ya go. That trial kept me busy and it was both interesting legally as well as a bit of twisted entertainment.

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